Just some of my favorite podcasts I like to listen to when I take my walks.  You can access these through iPhone and the computer.  I'm sure you can also access them on other devices as well.

Evolution of Medicine: The Functional Forum

A variety of topics, directed at practitioners involved in functional/integrative medicine (business-related, stories about other practitioners, etc).

Dr. Rucsio Radio

Dr. Ruscio is very articulate with his words, and focuses on reviewing the evidence found in literature.  He also has a monthly subscription ($29 a month) for practitioners, that highlights cases and latest research.

Kresser's Podcast: Revolution Health Radio

A variety of topics, including functional medicine and future of medicine.  One of the best!

Better Health Guy

Detailed (i.e. have a notebook on hand to take notes!) interviews with practitioners that are experts in a variety of environmental medicine fields (Lyme, mycotoxin illness, etc).

Phoenix Helix

Also interview-style, focused on patient stories of living with autoimmune conditions.

Courage and Clarity

Focused on entrepreneurs - one podcast (courage) telling how someone gained success, with a follow up podcast (clarity) that gives advice on how to achieve your business goals.